Correct posture: exercises and advice

Correct posture: exercises and advice

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Correct posture, not only to look good, fit and well prepared, but also not to suffer from pain and muscle imbalances which can also have serious, even irreversible consequences, affecting the spine, our support. Poor posture can also cause problems body and bone dysmorphism

It always seems to concern others, who perhaps is obviously a bit hunchbacked or who walks and moves in an uncoordinated way. There correct posture instead it must be everyone's concern because all, or almost all, sometimes due to fatigue or distraction, we can take on some “original” positions that become habitual. A bad habit. At work, in the car, lying in bed, it is often on these occasions that the correct posture must be kept under control.

Correct standing posture

When we are standing, still, position at risk for chronic back pain, it is better to keep the knees slightly flexed and the chest open so that the abdominals can expand and let us breathe better. It is also important to check that our weight is spread over both legs.

If we set out, it is good to make sure that the neck and head remain straight and not look too far at the ground to avoid neck pain. As for the act of walking, first it is the heel that must touch the ground, then the tip, and not vice versa if we are not dancing.

Correct sitting posture

No feet dangling from the chair or stool, when we sit down we still have to keep them resting on the ground, both. The back must remain straight and the shoulders relaxed, downward, and never curving forward. Often it happens to cross your legs, which is not recommended if you want to have a correct posture, because in this way you risk obstructing blood circulation and then having problems with swelling and fatigue.

Correct posture to the PC

In front of a computer the rules of sitting are valid, also keeping an eye on the timetable because every hour it is good to get up to stretch your legs and take a stroll in order to avoid falling asleep. Let's take advantage of this to also move the arms and turn the pelvis, flex the back and stretch the muscles.

Correct posture for sleeping

Going to bed it is not always easy to remember the correct posture and above all to respect it because, in sleep, it is not said that we do not move without our knowledge. Let's try the same to take a recommended position. Let's get to the side and with the legs bent, preferably on the left side, and thus keep the column aligned. A good mattress and a good pillow also help a lot, as well as good dreams.

Correct posture in the office

In the office it is very important not to sit too much and stretch your legs every hour or so, even taking a walk around your desk. Having a correct posture is also important to appear awake and "on the spot" and not bored or listless.

Correct posture: exercises

They are simple but essential and above all it is essential to do them regularly. These are exercises for correct posture that can be done at home or anywhere, not necessarily in the gym. Let's try to sit on the ground, extending the legs e trying to lower your torso until you touch your toes with your hands. In this way we stretch the back, shoulders and neck.

TO also benefit the abs and calves, “Sculpting them”. Let's get up and walk with a book on our head, as the manuals of the past suggest. Head high and neck straight, without looking down and distributing the weight on the legs. A good exercise is to try to be aware of the posture we have at all times because it is often not true that we do not know which is the correct one, we simply do not care.

Correct posture advice

For those who want to get busy immediately to have a correct posture, there is a book that acts as a guide, also available on Amazon for 30 euros. "Postural gymnastics. Exercises and tips to achieve correct posture”.

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