Rolled lawn: advantages and prices

Rolled lawn: advantages and prices

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Who would have thought that we would even end up inventing and desiring the rolling lawn. Yet the tight deadlines, the tight spaces, the green thumb not always upwards and every possible reason or excuse, prompted us to create the lawn in rolls. It allows us to get a turf without the need to sow it. There are various types, before buying it, therefore, it is good to clarify your ideas and, if we want a particularly tidy and beautiful garden, better a English lawn in rolls.

Rolled lawn: soil preparation

Sure to create a lawn from scratch it requires a good skill, as well as a lot of patience and a good knowledge of agricultural practices, but also laying the clods is not trivial. It is necessary to start working the soil well in advance, with digging and basic fertilization with mature manure. Let us not be under the illusion, therefore, that it is like placing a carpet on the floor just bought at IKEA: the preparation is quite difficult, much more than the implementation.

Rolled lawn: how to lay

It is not trivial but not too tiring lay a rolling lawn, especially if we have prepared the soil correctly and with all the necessary care. Often ad take care of laying the clods is the supplier company, among other things. Once the rolling lawn, we can let it take root and grow until the grass is about ten centimeters high, at which point it is better to cut.

It may happen, in the pose, to notice that of plate in plate, from roll to roll, the grass is of different types, nothing serious, but better check that this is not at the expense of the aesthetic result.

Roll lawn: advantages

The advantages of the rolling lawn are no doubt numerous, first of all there are the economic ones. It allows you to save on planting! And also about the waiting times for those craving for a green grassy surface to be walked on.

There soil preparation and maintenance, are not very different from those required by a normal sown lawn because the rolled one is a natural lawn in all respects.

Roll lawn: maintenance

The maintenance level required by a rolled lawn depends a lot on the type of grass it is made of. There is the lawn one that is extremely delicate and to keep to perfection, but there are many other types of rolls that are satisfying and more rustic.

It depends on what kind of lawn we want, what we need to do about it and how much we are willing to take care of or pay for it to be looked after by a gardener. If, however, we abandon it, it is there the risk of it becoming dry or yellowing. After all the effort of preparing the ground, it would be a shame!

Rolled lawn prices

The price of the rolled lawn decreases with increasing surface area that we wish to dress. In general, with variations depending on the type, can cost around 15 euros per square meter for surfaces up to 50 square meters, 12 euros for surfaces between 100 and 200 square meters and for even larger surfaces, even 11 or 10 euros per square meter.

To compare prices, we check if the installation is included or not. Also on Amazon we find offers of rolled lawns, such as that of 10 meters of roll for borders of flower beds, 15 cm high, at 38.28 euros.

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