Dog allergy

Dog allergy

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Dog allergy, to be managed if we are dog owners as well as if we have none in the house or in the garden. Today the number of people adopting a dog is constantly increasing, so it becomes more and more likely to cross one, so it is better to know some tricks to not suffer too much dog allergy.

Dog allergy: symptoms

We realize it, if we are allergic to these animals: the symptoms are rather classic but at the same time numerous. They affect various parts of our body. L'dog allergy it undoubtedly affects the respiratory tract, causing asthma and sneezing but also the epidermis and eyes.

THE nasal symptoms range from repeated sneezing to watery nasal discharge and stuffy nose that sometimes itches too, eye symptoms may be itching, redness, swelling, tearing and even discomfort in the light. When dog allergy rages on the respiratory system then we feel a sense of lack of air, coughing attacks of irritative origin, breathing that becomes labored and shortened.

Dog allergy: dermatitis

I certainly didn't forget i skin symptoms ofdog allergy, among the most frequent and annoying ones. In fact, you can feel a strong itch, even if we do not pet the dog directly but its presence is in the air. They can also show up swelling and redness.

If someone tells us to console us that there are dogs for dog allergy sufferers, we appreciate the intent but do not bite. It is true for the cat but not for the dog. The feline race developed in the laboratory to be hypoallergenic, however, costs over 3,000 euros. There have been years in which he went crazy there legend of "hypoallergenic dogs" but researchers who investigated the levels of allergens present on them obtained results identical to those of common domestic dogs.

Allergy to dog fur

We often talk about dog allergy in general without investigating its origin. Many therefore think that it is related to the hair, in truth allergens that cause it are present on the hair but due to some substances that are contained in the saliva, not in the chemical formula of the single animal hair. Exactly as mentioned for cat allergy.

Allergy to dog saliva

Realizing that the cause of the dog allergy was in the saliva, we moved on to the analyzes, discovering two main allergens: Canis familiaris 1 and Canis familiaris 2, two proteins. They are spread on the hair by the dog himself when he decides to clean himself by licking himself. We perceive them when they are resting on the hair even if we do not touch it: they also reach us in the nasal cavity.

Dog allergies: natural remedies

If it is sensitive to dogs, allergic, you cannot completely recover but there are many natural remedies and tricks to not suffer too much. If we don't have a severe form of dog allergy, we may even be able to live with it by sneezing every now and then. Let's start at wash the dog twice a week and brush him daily with substances that eliminate dandruff because allergens go along with it.

It is also important, if we have a dog at home and we suffer from dog allergy, that the animal learns not to enter the bedroom, not to get on the sofa, not to sit on our clothes. Of course we have to do our part avoiding holding him in his arms and keeping his kennel clean. There are numerous products on the market against allergies and itching, for example online for 25 euros you can buy 200ml of shampoo-conditioner just for dogs that cleans their skin and coat, fighting allergic manifestations and itching.

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