Cycling, benefits

Cycling, benefits

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Cycling, Benefits: there are so many scientific studies that show how beneficial it is to ride a bicycle for both the health of our body and our psyche.

There is no doubt: pedaling is a source of psychophysical well-being, of fun without having to make great efforts, especially if you do it with family or friends. And if you go by bike out of town, you can breathe fresh air, sunbathe and experience moments of true tranquility. In short, on two wheels you can find contact with yourself and nature

Cycling, benefits

This practical and ecological vehicle is undoubtedly an excellent tool for practicing physical activity and fighting stress thanks to regular training. There are many people who abandon their car to ride a bike, thus avoiding traffic and staying fit at the same time. If you haven't purchased a bike yet, we'll give you 8 good reasons to fix it right away. The article "How to choose the size of the bike" may help

1) Against depression

Several researches have shown that people who ride a bike are less sad and have less psychological distress. This activity, in fact, lowers stress levels and facilitates the production of serotonin, (a factor enhanced by physical exercise in the open air), causing positive effects on mood. A real burst of pure energy, to be practiced consistently every day.

2) Against the risk of heart attack

Cycling improves the health of our heart, thus protecting us from cardiovascular diseases, namely heart attack and stroke.

According to research published in the British medical journal, pedaling half an hour a day is enough to halve the risk of heart attack. It is in fact an undemanding sport for the muscles and lungs (aerophonic exercise), so the heart trains and becomes more efficient.

According to experts, the percentage reduction in the risk of heart attack is around 50%: when you pedal, your heart rate increases, while your blood pressure decreases. The result? A heart that works in energy saving.

3) Helps digestion

Pedaling improves metabolism: since it is a moderate, regular and long-lasting endurance activity, digestion, the blood circulation of the brain and muscle activity are facilitated.

4) Tones the body

Cycling is the ideal physical activity for those who stay in the office all day or for those who don't like going to the gym.

Many think that cycling only strengthens the legs. Wrong: thighs and calves are certainly stimulated, but the muscles of the back and arms are also strengthened. Also, since we have to balance on the saddle, the abs and lower back are also used. But not only! Every time we accelerate, tackle an uphill road or rough terrain, we call into question the muscles of the shoulders, arms, chest, forearms.

But be careful: for everything to work well it is essential to have a correct position, also to avoid cramps and muscle pain

5) Produces endorphins

Going by bicycle, taking a walk in nature, helps us to promote the production of endorphins, also known as "hormones of happiness". It is enough to do constant activity for one hour a day to feel happier

6) Helps the immune system

Some research has led experts to think that riding a bike consistently can remove the possibility of contracting cancer. Thanks to this type of physical exercise, phagocytic cells (or phagocytes) would be activated, cells capable of annihilating the malignant ones.

7) Protects the knees

Contrary to what one might think, riding a bicycle ensures that the knees are protected as most of the body's weight is placed on the saddle. Cartilages or joints also no longer have to bear heavy loads.

8) Helps to lose weight

Riding a bicycle is the ideal solution for those who want to lose weight without having to make great efforts: over 50% of body weight, in fact, is discharged on the structure of the vehicle and the buttocks, without over-tiring the knees. It is ideal to combine at the beginning of a diet, when you still feel heavy and not very relaxed.

Cycling benefits, some advice

According to experts, it is enough:

  • 10 minutes a day to improve circulation
  • 20 minutes to strengthen the immune system
  • minutes to keep the heart healthy
  • 40 minutes to increase the capacity of the lungs
  • 50 minutes to speed up the metabolism
  • 60 minutes to control weight, the general well-being of the body and eliminate stress

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