Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo

Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo

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UPDATE: Read our new article on PetsFestival 2019

Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo, you are also thrilled because the largest event dedicated to the pet world in Italy is now missing. The 22 and 23 October, Saturday and Sunday, all animal enthusiasts and lovers, not just cats and dogs, will find a surprising space and program. This is the fourth edition of Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo and the quality is confirmed as excellent, unchanged is the spirit with which the appointment aims to attract those who are already attentive to animals and intrigue those who remain indifferent to dogs, cats, reptiles, fish and so on.

Teach a child to care for an animal and you will have planted the seed for better humanity, Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo also this year confirms this commitment by filling the exhibition center with love for nature. And it's not a little room, it's about 20,000 sqm. covered ready to welcome over 300 exhibitors and numerous shows for two days.

The expected visitors are over 30,000, the organizers are ready to host them and all in three pavilions and also in the outdoor area promising them an experience they will remember until the 2017 edition.

Pets Festival: program and events

There will be cats and dogs, al Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo, and that many of us take for granted. Without taking anything away from these two quadrupeds who often keep us company even in moments of maximum human "misunderstanding", I would like to say a few words about what we can discover about other animals by going to Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo.

THE parrots for example, they will be the protagonists of meetings, shows and conferences, as well as a mythical one papparaduno with the godfather Enzo Salvi, even the fish will have their space, indeed, their waters: 5,000 square meters. of aquariums.

In the program you will also find moments of music and "bestial" competitions, shows and close encounters with animals that alone Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo we can know personally. For those who can't resist curiosity, the full program is ready to consult on the festival website.

Pets Festival: times

The two days of Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo it is for true enthusiasts who can't wait to spend hours and hours among furry, scaly or feathered animals and friends. This fourth edition on Saturday 22 October opens its doors to visitors from 9 to 20, Sunday 23 October from 9 to 19.

Pets Festival: tickets

To be sure you are one of the 30,000+ visitors to the Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo We can buy the ticket online so as not to leave with anxiety in the backpack, but only our desire to be amazed as children.

Almost two months after the earthquake of 24 August, the Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo he does not forget what happened in central Italy and organizes a fundraiser for the animals involved, with one Enpa stand ready to collect donations.

Pets Festival: video on the latest edition

Instead of counting the hours until 22 October, when the gates of the Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo, let's enjoy some pictures of the last edition ready to show the 2016 news.

Pets Festival: how to get there

To reach the Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo (Fraz. Le Mose, Via Tirotti 11, 29122 Piacenza) you can use the car taking into account that it is located near the Piacenza Sud motorway exit, also convenient for those arriving at Milan Linate, Parma or Brescia. The alternatives are the taxi service or the bus service (Seta).

Who, most likely, wants bring your dog and visit the Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo with him it can do so, with some well-understood precautions given the context. For example, it is necessary to bring the health card with the vaccinations in order and the animal must be microchipped. However, we must avoid introducing ourselves to the staff that controls the entrances with bitches in heat or with specimens that we already know will be uncomfortable in the crowd. The dog obviously stays under the total responsibility of the owner who must also have bowls of water, not provided by the Pets Festival at Piacenza Expo for reasons of hygiene.

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