How mozzarella is made

How mozzarella is made

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How mozzarella is made, we can learn, we first learn to consider the fact that we can produce it ourselves and that it is not even that difficult to obtain good results. We see it immediately: the mozzarella cheese it is in fact one of the few cheeses that can be made at home, even if it may seem incredible it is so soft and delicious, able to give meaning to any anonymous sandwich, pizza or salad.

A curiosity that may seem obvious, but I didn't get there, for example: the term "mozzarella" derives from the name of the cutting operation useful for obtaining the various pieces by separating the dough. It is not a purely queen name but it is indeed, queen of Mediterranean cuisine, white gold or pearl of our table and ambassador of tricolor taste all over the world.

How to make mozzarella at home: ingredients

To start learning How mozzarella is made at home let's get 3.8 liters of Pasteurized whole milk. The ultra pasteurized one is not good because it does not form a curd solid enough to make mozzarella. Sound like strange terms? Then we will understand everything, for now, trust me. In addition to milk, it takes half a tablet or 2.5 ml of liquid rennet, 175 ml of distilled water, 2 teaspoons of citric acid powder (or 10 ml of lemon juice). And a pinch of salt, a pinch of about 50 gr.

A memo for when we get it How to make mozzarella at home and we got it. We keep it by wrapping it in a transparent film or by putting it in an airtight container. It should be kept in the fridge and lasts a week, in the freezer even a month.

How to make mozzarella at home: procedure

Long but not complex the procedure for How mozzarella is made. Here it is step by step, we will not get lost! After boiling a large pot of water up to 82ºC we add liquid rennet to 1/4 cup of cold distilled water and stir until everything is dissolved. Put aside and instead take 2 teaspoons of citric acid powder by combining them with 120 ml of cold distilled water, mix and then put the milk in a pot with that water with citric acid powder.

We mix again and heat everything up to 31ºC also using a whisk. Here the curd will begin to form, we add the water with the dissolved rennet to composed of milk, stirring and cooking over low heat up to 40ºC.

Once the pot has been removed from the heat, it should be left to rest for 15 minutes like this curd will separate from the whey and we can cut it into squares and move it from the pot to the colander. The drained whey should be placed in a pot in which to put the curd sieve kept at temperature.

The curd should be salted with 1/2 tablespoon of salt and then it's time to fold it on itself to increase the drainage of the whey, work it well considering that the more we fold it, the drier it will be. By transferring the curd into hot water we continue to work our cheese but we are almost finished learning How mozzarella is made. Once removed from the water, it is folded again and again until it forms a ball. In the indications on How mozzarella is made I cannot forget the brine to be prepared with about 465 ml of whey, 2 tablespoons of salt and ice.

How to make mozzarella: video

After this checker on How mozzarella is made here is a video that makes us review everything, or clarifies the ideas on the most hostile passages. First some advice, or straight if you prefer. In the name of zero waste, it is very important to remember that we can use whey to make ricotta. In the preparation phase, however, some precautions are essential. The total cleanliness of the worktops and tools because the fresh mozzarella it spoils quickly when exposed to bacteria.

When I talked about the ingredients for learning How to make mozzarella I specified pasteurized milk. It goes without saying that unpasteurized milk is not good either. Click here to watch the video.

Types of mozzarella: fresh, buffalo, goat

There are many types of mozzarella and as good gourmets we should know them all, otherwise besides knowing How mozzarella is made let us take care to taste the various qualities.

There buffalo mozzarella from Campania it is well known, produced in Campania, especially in the provinces of Caserta and Salerno, but also in Lazio and Puglia, and in the municipality of Venafro in Molise. It can be defined as "aversana" or "plain of Volturno", "pontina", "Piana del Sele", takes different shapes such as the round one, both small and large, up to half a kilo, the braid one, which goes a lot in the countryside of Aversano and in the Volturno plain, and then the smoked version appears, similar in shape to provola.

In addition to that of buffalo, there is cow's milk mozzarella, also called milk cream, produced mainly in Campania, Puglia, Calabria, Basilicata, Marche, southern Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, and the pecorina, sometimes called "sheep's milk mozzarella“, Typical of Sardinia, Abruzzo and Lazio. In Lazio it is also called stunning.

When we read How mozzarella is made, we can also evaluate the goat version, recent and much loved especially by those who do not digest cow's milk. With the obligation to specify the percentages of the mixture, we can also learn How to make mozzarella starting from mixed milk. For the pizza, there is an ad hoc variant, recognized by a legal standard, with less water and fat.

In the panorama of Italian mozzarella to taste, even the shapes give space to our imagination and when we become magicians of How mozzarella is made, we can get creative on that too. Today there are the typical round and spheroidal shapes, in various sizes: from morsel of 80-100 grams to the more kilos shapes, there is the shape braid is that per roll: a new entry. Only industrial is there cherry mozzarella, widely used, and going to Molise or Puglia we can also come across the flask version.

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Video: How mozzarella cheese is made at restaurant BÆST (August 2022).