Flea collars: the best

Flea collars: the best

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Flea collars, to use them or not to use them is a dilemma, but in my opinion the dilemma does not arise if you find the right product. Using a low quality one, both for a dog and a cat, means deluding ourselves that we are protecting our friend when it is not. Using one that works, even if we start off perplexed, can convince us to change our minds.

So let's see the best ones flea collars for our four-legged friends who roam around the house, in the garden, between our feet. Recalling that "Fleas can be taught almost anything a congressman does. ”, As he claimed Mark Twain, so we're dealing with cunning little creatures.

Flea collars for dogs

Of the 4 flea collars for dogs we see there is no better one by definition, they are examples of models that can fit your pet better or worse and can embrace your needs as much or as little. In terms of fleas, of course. THE Saresto flea collars for dogs, even anti-ticks, they are gray therefore rather "invisible" but above all they do not smell and are water resistant.

I, who have a very sensitive sense of smell, really appreciate this characteristic: I would not like to find myself having to turn away from my dog ​​because of a flea collar.

From Beaphar, again for dogs, i flea collars with another clever feature, in addition to the obvious flea function: they are in reflective material.

Now let's move on to evaluate the flea collars for their size. Indeed, if we have an extremely large or extremely small dog, it is better to choose a dedicated model, so as not to risk that it does not fit well on the neck. THE flea collars for large dogs are for example those of Repelt, also with diazinone.

At the antipodes we have the little dogs, i very small dogs, who have every right to be protected from fleas in the same way. here are the Scalibor flea collars for small, white dogs with a great design.Among the advantages of the Scalibor flea collar we point out the duration of the parasite protection which reaches 5-6- months.

Flea collars for cats

Turning to the felines, victims of fleas too, although they boast of being smarter than the meek dogs, we see two models of flea collars convincing. The first is Saresto again, as the first recommended for dogs. It is to be trusted, there is no size considering that cats do not vary so much their neck circumference. They are flea and also anti-tick collars, always odorless and water resistant ... although in the case of cats there is no danger of them jumping into the sea.

From Friskies, for cats,with the promise of staying active for 4 months, black flea collars arrive that protect against various parasites. A good investment that for a season or more keeps us calm.

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Natural amber flea collar for dog

Returning to dogs, but in a more natural way, I also recommend amber collars as flea collars. This is for owners who turn up their noses by connecting the previous ones with a presence of chemicals on their pet's fur. It is a product that certainly protects against ticks and fleas and is of 100% Baltic amber, handmade and guaranteed by an ad hoc certificate.

Flea collar for puppies

We have seen the ones who are the flea collars for your beloved "adult" cats and dogs, but what should you do if you are dealing with a puppy just arrived in your homes?

You know, i puppies they are very playful and tend to love to bite anything, which is why before the age of six months I recommend that you avoid using the flea collar.

Flea collar: does it work?

Surely some of you are wondering if the flea collar works really.

The answer is clearly yes, even if it is important to make a clarification: the flea collar has a preventive function, this means it is unable to eliminate any eggs already laid on your puppy.

The operation of the flea collar it's very simple, your pet's heat heats the tape which automatically begins to gradually release chemicals, pouring into the puppy's fur and skin.

It's raining outside and I'm afraid the effect of collar fade away! Don't worry, the substance released is immune to water and remains active for about 3-4 months.

Flea collar: contraindications

The flea collar is it harmful to our beloved puppy and those around us?

I have to be honest, the contraindications are very few, so you can rest assured.

Since this is a pharmaceutical product that releases chemicals, even if in minimal quantities, my advice is to keep it out of the reach of children.

Cases of allergy to the flea collar are very rare, moreover in the experiments the overdose only led to a greater loss of hair and mild skin irritation.

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