The list of more than 300 entrepreneurs and companies that deforested Argentina in the last 30 years

The list of more than 300 entrepreneurs and companies that deforested Argentina in the last 30 years

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The environmental organization disseminated more than 300 names of large businessmen and companies that deforested in the country during the last 30 years, in which almost 8 million hectares of native forests were lost - an area similar to the province of Entre Ríos. This figure places Argentina among the ten countries with the most deforestation.

Greenpeace revealed the names of more than 300 entrepreneurs and companies, for being responsible for the destruction of forests in Argentina. Among them are Eduardo Elsztain (120,000 hectares cleared), Jorge Horacio Brito (50,000 hectares), Paolo Rocca, Eduardo Eurnekian, Marcelo Mindlin, Alejandro Carlos Roggio, Aldo Adriano Navilli, Benjamín Gabriel Romero, Franco and Mauricio Macri, Alejandro Braun Peña, Luis Caputo, Victorio Américo Gualtieri, Alfredo Olmedo, Roberto Urquía, David Lacroze Ayerza, Manuel Santos Uribelarrea, Enrique Urbano Duhau, Orlando Canido, Alberto Verra, César Raúl Mochón, Ángel Sanchís Perales, José Macera, Jorge Alberto Pocovi, John Dieter Kahlbetzer and Daniel Lifsitz. (1)

To read the list of denounced by Greenpeace for deforestation in Argentina (1990-2020) click here

"We put name and surname of some of those responsible for one of the worst environmental crimes that our country suffers: deforestation. More clearing means more floods, more evictions of peasant and indigenous communities, more disappearance of endangered species and more diseases ”, warned Hernán Giardini, coordinator of the Greenpeace Forests campaign.

The loss of forests occurs mainly due to the advance of the agricultural frontier (soy and livestock). According to the organization's reports and official data, 80 percent of the country's clearings are concentrated in the provinces of Santiago del Estero, Salta, Chaco and Formosa and continue despite the quarantine.

“It is completely unacceptable that, in the face of the health, climate and biodiversity emergency that we are suffering, deforestation continues. Governments must put a stop to the destructive ambition of some entrepreneurs ”, Giardini stated. "Destroying forests is a crime and we cannot lose another hectare."

The environmental organization is promoting a request on your website so that the governors of Salta, Santiago del Estero, Chaco and Formosa decree the forest emergency to stop deforestation forever. (2)


1) To read the list of those denounced by Greenpeace as being those who deforested in Argentina (1990-2020) click here


3) REPORT: The sacrifice of the forests of the Gran Chaco

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